Journeys of a lifetime

Born in the 60s, I’m a Generation Xer.

I initially created this blog during the summer of 2021 in French, my native language.

Being a Generation Xer born in the 60s travel has been the driving force behind my existence, shaping my work and hobbies.

Through my testimonials, advice, and insights, I aim to share my nearly five decades of travel experience with you.

Forgive any mistakes, as English is my second language. Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions for improvement.

Enjoy my English travel blog with a French accent  smile


the author of the Travels of a life blog in Stockholm in 2021

The objectives of

Traditional boat in Indonesia

Inspire you!

I’ve been lucky enough to make some very nice trips. I’ll share them with you either to make you dream or to give you ideas.

I won’t replace a tourist guide, but I will give you my vision of the places I visited.

Naturally, this blog is alive and kicking, and I’ll be sharing with you all about my upcoming travels.

Train in the snow at Kiruna station

Helping you!

I’ve had a long experience of both professional and personal travel.

I’ll give you a few tips to make your travels easier and help you be self-sufficient anywhere in the world.

My way of traveling may speak more to a Generation X audience who don’t necessarily find their way into the blogs of millennials.

The author in the engine of an Airbus 319

Make you think!

With COVID, we experienced a sudden halt to exchanges and travel.

But since then, tourism development has resumed its crazy pace, with many excesses. Can we go on like this for long?

With my experience in transport and travel, I’d like to contribute to the debate and give you some ideas for tomorrow’s travel.

The life should be just that: the adult’s tribute to his childhood dreams 

Sylvain Tesson

The countries I visited

(in dark blue)

For Russia, Canada, China, Brazil, the USA, Australia, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Algeria, I have indicated only the regions visited.

Cities I’ve lived in outside France

(Red dots)

Belgium (Nivelles) in 1970

Algeria (Skikda) from 1970 to 1972

USA (Philadelphia) from 1985 to 1986

Sweden (Stockholm) from 2012 to 2013

Netherlands (Amsterdam) from 2015 to 2020

I currently live in Paris

It makes you modest to travel. You can see what a small place we occupy in the world

Gustave Flaubert

My latest articles

If this is your first visit to this site, I invite you to read my Who am I? and How did I create my blog? pages before the articles below.

Kindly note that I haven’t translated all my articles written in French yet. Please revisit later as the blog will be continuously enriched.

If you have any advice or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

The Burj el Arab in Dubai at sunset

The spirit of

Travel is a bit like cooking. Everyone does it but in different ways.

Some are pleased with tourist packages, just as they buy ready-made meals. Others are adventurers, creating extraordinary dishes or journeys that ordinary people don’t make. You may want to specialize in a particular cuisine, country or travel style.

There are curious jacks of all trades who explore unfamiliar flavors but also appreciate familiar ones.

I’m in this category and with my blog I want to share with you everything I’ve learned about travel over my various decades. I’ve traveled as a child, a businessman, a customer, a steward, a backpacker, a cruiser, a tour leader, a backpacker, a VIP, etc… The spectrum of my experience is vast. Sharing it with others in this blog is my main objective.

Finally, this blog does not claim to be exhaustive. Its aim is to make you want to travel, and to give you the keys to do it yourself.

The values of

The blog reflects the values I believe in, which can be summed up in four words.

Sincerity: what I write is what I think and the fruit of my experience. I have a lot of travel experience, but it’s not universal. You won’t find an article like “the top 10” or “the ultimate guide” if I don’t have the legitimacy to write it.

Constructive: I want to bring you something valuable. That’s why I’m careful not to get bogged down in useless considerations, but to deliver a feeling, advice, or opinion concisely or well-argued.

Open-minded: I don’t believe in clear-cut positions. I don’t think you “absolutely” have to go to one place or avoid another. A less touristy town is sometimes more interesting than a well-known spot. Everyone has their feelings and desires.

Kindness: On the web, we sometimes let ourselves go too far. Even more so on social networks. I think it’s important to keep a gentle eye. Especially in comments and opinions. Traveling has taught me that the world is more complex than we imagine.

Thank you for visiting my blog